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heCRY Kingston will be made possible through the generous donations of believers who have a hunger to see God’s purposes in Canada.

The current projected budget is a little over $145,000. This is strictly for the supplies, equipment, insurance, security and venue fees. This budget is larger than a normal CRY of this nature because required technicians charge time and a half on Canada Day (a holiday). All prayer and worship leaders pay their own way and serve freely on the day. TheCRY truly is an offering to the Lord on behalf of the nation.

Will you consider sowing a strategic seed at this time for TheCRY Kingston?

In order to make TheCRY Kingston on Canada’s 150th birthday a reality we are specifically believing God for 25 churches, ministries or businesses that will sow a symbolic seed of $1,500 for Canada’s 150th and 400 individuals to sow a symbolic seed of $150 for Canada’s 150th.

Any donation amount is deeply appreciated.

Current Projected Budget: $147,550.99 (Recently Updated)
Already Donated: $137,947.65 (including pledges not yet received)
Remaining Need: $9,603.34

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